Summer Reading

Ledyard Public Library is proud to run a Summer Adventure Program where we encourage our participants to log their adventures during the summer!  Anything that participants Read, Make, or Explore can be logged.  When participants log adventures they pick which prize they would like to enter to win.
Summer 2022 was a huge success!



Our Prizes:



Enter to win when you register AND when you log adventures!
Every participant will also receive a free book.

How it Works:
June 18th is the first day to register and begin logging adventures.  What are adventures?  ANYTHING that tells your story.  What you do you read?  What are you making?  Are you exploring new places or things?  We want you to share your story and not only will you get a free book but you will be entered into a prize drawing. (Two winners for each prize – drawn randomly). You can log your adventures online or with a paper log that you turn in when completed.  Summer reading ends August 6th.  Plenty of time to write your story!  Also, be sure to check our events page for activities that you can use as adventures.

Need other ideas?

  • Read a book or an ebook
  • Listen to an audiobook or podcast
  • Write a new ending to a story you read
  • Paint a rock for our Summer Reading Rock Garden
  • Cook something and share it will someone
  • Find something in your house that is broken and try to fix it
  • Design your own game
  • Find music you have never listened to and make a new playlist
  • Go on a hike or try geocaching
  • Try a new sport like Frisbee Golf
  • Camp in your own backyard and count stars
  • Try a new food or type of cuisine